[] Mini Karnival Hari Penjaja dan Peniaga Kecil 2023 Lubuk Rezeki 100 Usahawan Luar Bandar ()

KOTA BELUD: Mini Karnival Hari Penjaja Dan Peniaga Kecil Tahun 2023 yang julung kali diadakan di kawasan luar bandar Sabah iaitu di Tamu Taginambur berjaya menarik sekitar 2,000 pengunjung . Sementara lebih 100 penjaja dan peniaga kecil sekitar daerah ini tidak melepaskan peluang untuk meraih hasil jualan yang lebih besar berbanding hari biasa.. "Selama ini kami tempat ini agak lengang namun dengan adanya karnival seperti ini ramai orang yang datang. Jadi itu memberi harapan kepada kami untuk memasarkan produk kami, dan menjual produk kami. Kami sangat gembiralah dan pada hari ini pengunjung sangat ramai dan jualan kami pun hampir habis", ujar usahawan keropok lekor, Norlyn Maringingan, Bukan sahaja peniaga tamu, malah peniaga atas talian seperti Dainty Satu turut mengambil kesempatan untuk meraih rezeki sepanjang karnival berkenaan berlangsung. "Saya memasarkan produk saya ini melalui media sosial sebelum ini. Agak susah juga. Tapi bila ada karnival macam ini saya rasa gembiralah sebab ini membantu saya untuk meningkatkan lagi jualan produk saya", kata usahawan lada putih dan hitam itu,"ujarnya. Bagi usahawan kuih Fauzi Jernih berharap agar program ini dapat diadakan lebih kerap di kawasan luar bandar di negeri berkenaan. "Jadi kalau macam kami sebagai peniaga ni kena ambil peluang itulah untuk berniaga. Sangat penting program sebegini dan bagi saya setiap tahun kena buat", katanya. Sementara itu Menteri Pembangunan Usahawan Dan Koperasi (KUSKOP) Datuk Ewon Benedick berkata, usaha pihaknya membawa karnival itu ke luar bandar bertujuan menyelami denyut nadi peniaga yang memerlukan perhatian daripada kerajaan. "Kalau kita turun ke tempat di mana mereka berniaga ini barulah kita dapat menjiwai dengan lebih baik lagi keperluan mereka yang sebenar. "Sebab itu Perdana Menteri bersetuju dengan pendekatan kita ini dan kita akan teruskan program sebegini. "Sudah semestinya tahun ini dia lebih kepada konsep karnival. Tahun yang seterusnya pula konsep konvensyen di mana ada keperluan kita melibatkan penjaja, memberi forum-forum, dan seminar-seminar bersesuaian", ujar Ewon. Sambutan Hari Penjaja Dan Peniaga Kecil (HPPK) peringkat kebangsaan tahun ini akan diadakan di Buhavan Square Penampang pada 18 November ini dan akan dirasmikan oleh Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

[] Kadamaian roads being upgraded ()

KOTA BELUD: Kadamaian Assemblyman Datuk Ewon Benedick said the main projects in the Kadamaian Development Plan are being implemented including upgrading of the main roads in the area. The Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives said among the main roads currently being upgraded are Jalan Tengkurus - Lahanas and Jalan Sayap - Mansulit. He said work to upgrade Jalan Sayap started since last April and is expected to be completed in April 2026. “Among the main roads that have been approved and implemented are the upgrading of Jalan Podos and Jalan Kaung.

[] ‘Open Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home to upper class foreigners’ call ()

KOTA BELUD: Sabah needs to open new applications especially for upper class foreigners interested in joining the Sabah-Malaysia My Second Home (Sabah MM2H) programme instead of only maintaining the extension to the existing participants.

[] SOSHF Camp draws 37 KB families ()

KOTA BELUD: The Society for The Sabah Heart Fund (SOSHF) held its first Sabah HeartKids Mini Family Camp 2023 at Kampung Melangkap Baru here from Aug 26-27, attended by 37 family members of 11 ex-heart patients previously helped by SOSHF.


KOTA KINABALU: Improved gravity water supply is now available to villagers in Kg Sayap Magambai, Kota Belud, thanks to initiatives by Sabah Civil Society organisation (CSO) Hopes Malaysia. The initiative was made possible by sponsor from the Malaysian Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hopes Malaysia, a Sabah-based non-governmental organisation established since 2016, in a statement said the sustainable community development project saw the villagers uniting to reconstruct their 10-year-old gravity water system.

[] 145-yr-old Kota Belud Tamu Sabah’s oldest ()

EVERY Sabah resident must know about Tamu Minggu in Kota Belud which is held every Sunday. Started by William Prettyman in 1878, this is the oldest Tamu in Sabah and its building was originally built via gotong-royong by the Dusun, Bajau and Iranun people. According to historical records, the Tamu Minggu was intended to be a meeting ground for the people of Kota Belud and a place where they conduct business activities in the hope that the unity between the three ethnic groups will be closely interwoven and cohesive. Since its opening 145 years ago, the Tamu Minggu operations have continued as usual. It starts from early morning until evening. A variety of daily necessities can be found here, such as agricultural products, fishing, handicrafts – you name it.

[] Kota Belud can be more than tourist spot: Ewon ()

KOTA BELUD: Kota Belud can be developed not only as a tourist destination, but also for biodiversity research, its rich flora and fauna as well as traditional knowledge related to and Mount Kinabalu. Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative Minister Datuk Ewon Benidick, said development could only begin if an area has certain unique and interesting resources, becoming an attraction for tourists, among others. “Relying on the wealth of natural resources in terms of biodiversity, bioculture as well as a clear direction and implementation strategy with the help of the latest technology, I believe that Kota Belud could be developed not only as a tourism centre, but also as an SME centre. “With the presence of foreign and domestic tourists, the purchasing power of locally produced goods will increase, and this will drive socio-economic growth in this district.

[] Kaamatan membantu memelihara bahasa ibunda ()

KOTA BELUD: The requirement of Unduk Ngadau participants to speak their mother tongue more than 20 years ago has produced positive results when every year Unduk Ngadau finalists performed excellently speaking in Sabah’s ethnic language in front of the crowd. Parti Solidariti Tanah Airku (Star) Sabah Secretary-General Datuk Edward Linggu said the requirement, initially challenging for the Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan participants, stimulated awareness of using ethnic language.

[] Kota Belud’s unique Tamu By: Lorena Binisol ()

ALTHOUGH featuring mostly jungle products and vintage items, Tamu Kota Belud on Sundays continues to attract crowds. At times foreign tourists can be also spotted buying these items. It is because of certain items that are not available in shops. Like salted fish which is found in other districts. However, Kota Belud has its own version, whereby the fish is spread with copious amounts of chilli paste on top so it has some spiciness when consumed. “Originally, we sold it like the normal salted fish, but by and by people continue requesting for some spiciness to it. Kota Belud salted fish products are in high demand. “Hence, we came up with this idea of putting an amount-full of red chilli paste on top of the fish.” Maybe, it is due to people here being fond of eating everything spicy. Ahong, who sells Petai, a stinky broad bean, with health benefits, said it is very difficult to harvest due to tree being too tall. “Luckily we have someone in our village at Kg. Tombotuon who is willing to do the job and he is the only one who could climb but, of course, with a price. “Hence, the price of Petai is not cheap and is sold by the kilo,” she said, adding RM25 per kilo is not uncommon. Another elderly woman sells river fish that had been pickled, known as “Bosou”. She said her children got her the fish from a nearby river and she has them pickled like how she was taught when young. “This authentic delicacy had been around in the family for many generations. “There are people who still look for this kind of authentic food of the natives and it is a source of income for my family,” she said. Another interesting feature was to see elderly people, despite their age, still selling in the open area. They continue to survive by selling whatever they could get from the nearby jungle just to make ends meet. Or, simply because they want to pass time at the flea market and an opportunity to meet up with old friends and new people (tourists). Penjaram, the popular Bajau cake, is seen everywhere at the Tamu area. It used to be sold at 30 sen a piece, and today the sweet dessert is getting more pricey. A young mother, who sells leaves, said life gets tougher when prices of everyday goods doubled or tripled. “I had to find ways to increase family income by getting some jungle produce to sell.“Since Daun Kobu and Daun Silad are still sought after by people who make kuih, I diligently harvest them at nearby jungle as they are still abundantly growing,” she said while carrying her infant baby. The local vendors, despite the hardship, patiently smiled at each passersby. Their act had somehow warmed the ambience at the Tamu ground. It also provides them space to catch up with each other on their everyday life, on current events, especially in May where a lot of happenings in the district level. One of the vendors was heard saying she would make more authentic food and traditional drinks so she could sell them to tourists who dare to try out anything. Known as “cowboy town”, Kota Belud is synonymous with horses and populated by the Bajau community, believed to be the early settlers there.

[] JaPen Kota Belud gelorakan semangat cintakan negara menerusi Semarak Gemilang 2022 ()

KOTA BELUD: Jabatan Penerangan (JaPen) Daerah Kota Belud telah menganjurkan Program Semarak Gemilang 2022 malam Sabtu untuk menggelorakan dan meningkatkan semangat cintakan negara dan mengukuhkan semangat Keluarga Malaysia dalam kalangan masyarakat di daerah ini. Program tersebut merupakan antara aktiviti Kempen Kibar Jalur Gemilang sempena Sambutan Bulan Kebangsaan dan Hari Malaysia tahun ini. Program yang bermula pada pukul 8 malam di Perkarangan Majlis Daerah Kota Belud itu disempurnakan oleh Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak. Di samping penyerahan Jalur Gemilang dan persembahan artis PENTARAMA, satu majlis penghargaan turut berlangsung bagi meraikan kejayaan dua anak jati Kota Belud, Nor Farah Mazlan (Pingat Emas) dan Mohammmad Amiruddin Azmi ( Pingat Gangsa), pada kejohanan Pencak Silat Dunia 2022 yang berlangsung di Melaka. Selain bekerjasama dengan Pejabat Daerah, Majlis Daerah dan Komuniti Keluarga Malaysia (KKM) Daerah Kota Belud, Program Semarak Gemilang itu juga turut mendapat sokongan Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) dan Jabatan Pendidikan serta agensi-agensi Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (K-KOMM). “Saya berharap program ini dapat memberikan manfaat kebaikan yang lebih baik, terutama dalam aspek memelihara perpaduan dalam kalangan rakyat yang terdiri daripada pelbagai kaum dan budaya menerusi Keluarga Malaysia,” kata seorang lagi peserta, Dayang Salmah Jamil.